Chakra Clearing Restorative Yoga Workshop

Saturday 1/20/18
WITH Whitney Korman $30
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Chakras, discs, wheels…these mysterious vortices of light and energy tell the stories of our lives from the past, present, and even future. In the 7 Chakra model, we begin our journey from our seat, purposefully named the Root chakra or Muladhara. As we climb up and around the spinal column purifying, exploring, and discovering, we integrate all of these Chakras together to establish a Divine connection at the top or 7th Chakra (Sahasrara). As we clear and connect to the top or Crown Chakra, we get to embrace the opportunity to melt into spiritual enlightenment and our highest good. This experience is not saved for sages or those thought to be all-knowing. We all can and should experience this enlightenment. We may not be able to live in this realm 100% of the time, but we are there when we receive ‘ah-ha’ moments and when everything seems to sync up & align. You know you are there when the sound of your child’s laughter makes your heart fill up your and your face lights up. You know you are there when you experience unwavering clarity and you know something is undoubtedly right for you. You know you are there when you connect to yourself in a way where no one can rock your boat.

Depending on the various traumatic events that occur through our lives, we can get ‘stuck’ in one or more of these energy centers. When this happens, the whole Chakra system can be thrown off as we become overly excessive or deficient in these Chakras. In result, the other Chakras can be affected and may not function like they should. This Being human is a constant learning process and we need to study and own our unique karmic patterns and experiences to move through in this lifetime. We may not always be able to control what is given to us, but we can choose how we respond and recover.

In this workshop, expect to relax, open, and give into the sweet side of these energy centers through a specific Restorative practice using a Chakra yoga sequence. Essential oils, props, and poetic inspiration  will assist you into surrendering to align and allow these Chakras o balance through surrender, you can begin to live life from the inside-out in a more genuine and on-purpose way. Aware and awake, it becomes easier to notice the lessons from our stories and we can then journey through and move on to the next chapter a little wiser and with more reverence.

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