AcuDetox Blend of Acupuncture & Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra

Sunday 9/17/17
WITH ANN COFFEY & ROBBIE SHORT $30 prepaid or $35 day of event
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Ann Coffey & Robbie Short were at one time the only teachers at Half Moon Yoga and are happy to reunite to bring you a beautiful ┬áblend of healing practices! Ann now works at an acupuncturist office in Green Hills and is now qualified to administer acudetox. In fact, they are the pioneers to this Middle Tennessee area to offer such a dose of goodness! This idea has recently spread to other local studios because of it’s potency:) Ann administers the acupuncture through the ears after Robbie leads some Yin Yoga that opens up the meridians or energetic channels according to chinese medicine. This is also what the needles supply and while you are lounging with the needles, Robbie leads you into Yoga Nidra, the fine art of relaxation. Yoga Nidra alone has been shown scientifically to alter the brain waves as if you were in your deepest realm of sleep. This realm offers the mind/body/spirit an opportunity to heal at multiple levels. AcuDetox is primarily used for helping one to detox whether it’s addictions or just stress. Limited to 12 participants so sign up early!

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