Beginner’s Yoga Workshop

Sunday 9/24/17
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Several times a year we offer a beginner’s yoga workshop. We understand from a beginner’s mind that yoga can be intimidating. After all, you only have an idea or perception about what yoga is and it can be a bit confusing looking at the schedule and seeing all these different names and you are unsure how to navigate considering some are written literally in the Sanskrit language. You are also trying something brand new which can be exciting to some degree but also a little frightful if you are stepping beyond your comfort zone and not sure how your body is going to respond. This is exactly why we offer these workshops! Holly will teach you some fundamental postures as well as what to expect in various styles. She will also cover the importance of the breath and how one should breathe as well as operate their body mechanics according to the breath! Let Holly put you at ease if you are new or if you just feel like you need to relearn the basics. She can also answer any questions you have and after seeing your practice, gear you towards the right class for you and your level of ability! Holly will offer another one of these March 26th called Spring into Action.

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