FREE DAILY Kundalini Yoga Sadhana


BEGINS Tuesday 1/2/18

Jonathan, Mahanbir Singh, will be leading this Kundalini yoga practice from 4-7am Daily. Remember we have an open door policy and anyone can come & go as their schedule allows so do not feel like you can only attend and stay the 3 hours. We realize you may only be able to fit in a 45 minute, hour, or 2 hour session. Just know, you are welcome!

4am will be the initial start time warming up with leg lifts and 15 minutes of breath of fire.. he will guide the Chant Mul Mantra 11 times along with Ek Ongkaur, Sat Naam, Karta-purakh, Nirbaou Nirvair, Akaal-moorat, Ajoonee, Sai-Bhang, Gurprassad, Jap, Aad Such, Jugaad Such, Hai Bhee Such, Nanak hosee bhee such.

(Creator, creation, and creatures are all one. This is the supreme truth, the doer of all things, beyond fear, beyond anger. Undying, unborn, and self creating. Given by the guru’s grace, was true through all the ages, is true even now, and shall ever be true.)

A full breath chanting each word/line, taking about 30 minutes. These are the first words uttered by Nanak after self-realization, and have transformative effect on one’s internal environment. When chanted this way in yogic scriptures it is said to prevent aging, and strengthen your radiant body.

Kriya for awakening the ten bodies. This is a great yoga set that gets the energy flowing through all the meridians, the blood and brain oxygenated, and the full body feeling great. This Kriya ends with a 10 minute deep relaxation and 31 minute meditation.

In this 31 minute meditation we chant mantra, Ek Ongkaur Sat Naam Siri Wahe guru

Creator is One, the supreme truth..Such greatness, Wow Divine Consciousness

This Kriya takes around 1.5 hours. This will be followed by silent meditation, loving contemplation upon creation further cultivating a sense of equal unconditional acceptance for everything that arises in life’s experiences. 30 minutes or so…


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