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Stacy Novak began her healing journey 4 years ago when she was introduced to an intuitive reiki practitioner. The Reiki session forever changed her life and provided her with the clarity and insight she needed to take a step forward and begin exploring her own path and discover her own abilities. Stacy started attending meet-ups and Healing retreats where she met Reiki Master, Stephanie Ramirez. She became a student of Stephanie’s, receiving her Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching certifications. Stacy has spent the last 18 years working full time in the corporate world. She is a Nashville native and currently resides in Franklin, where she is raising her two daughters, Peyton & Zoe.
THE SOUL TRUTH: Mind, Body, & Soul Awareness
Your journey is my passion! Removing any and all blocks so that more light can flow through your body will give you more clarity, allow more healing, and better overall health. A Reiki session with me is Reiki with a twist! We will begin our session by setting our intentions that you receive the highest good and healing from it. I then use a ten to one countdown to help you relax and be more receptive to the session where I rely on traditional Reiki teachings and am guided by my intuitive abilities. Once the Reiki session is complete, we will discuss the session and conclude with a prayer of gratitude.
Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing based on the idea that unseen “life force energy” flows within and around us. If one’s life force is high, we are more capable of being healthy. Reiki replenishes and restores vital energy and helps balance the energy at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.
Reiki sessions last anywhere from 40 mins to an hour.
1 Session $80
3 Sessions (recommended) $200
Life coaching session – $60 for 30 minutes
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Contact Alison Directly: 615-830-1231
I believe we are all on the path of enlightenment if we are aware of it
or not and some days, if we like it or not. Everything we experience is
to assist us in awakening to a new and greater understanding of love
for ourselves and the people around us. My job in the world is to assist
you in this process through Reiki, Strong Intuition, Meditation, Spiritual
Coaching (how to redirect and heal the spiritual reasons behind your
physical manifestation of pain), Mediumship (talking with deceased
loved ones) and Positive A4rmations. All of these techniques are
intertwined and used in a session to bring awareness and deep healing
to the good, the bad, the ugly, and the DIVINE inside of you.
So if you’re ready for change, it would be an honor to assist you on
your journey.
Schedule Services by Appointment: Text or Call 1-615-830-1231
Hours: Available Monday-Saturday but only in the Half Moon Yoga Studio in Franklin Tuesday & Friday, other days in Nolensville. Appointments are also available over the phone.
Cost: Sessions are $100 for 70 minutes
Introductory Special: 2 sessions for $150