Meditation for Beginners

Sunday 2/18/18
WITH Alison Ledbetter  $50
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Come and learn the practice of sitting silently and connecting with your inner essence. Meditation is a learned skill just like learning to play an instrument. This class will teach you four different techniques: Breath Work, Mindfulness, One Pointedness, and the use of Positive Affirmations, to gently guide your consciousness away from the constant mind chatter and worry (AKA the Monkey Mind) towards the peaceful oasis of your inner energy. We will practice the above skills, do a guided meditation, discuss the research, and review tools for you to develop your daily practice. Handouts will be provided.

Why Meditate:

-When we connect to our core, we are genuinely self assured, self-aware, peaceful and can function with confidence.

-Stress Reduction! Meditation literally decreases the stress hormone, cortisol, by 28%. A good night sleep only decreases the hormone by 2%.

-It increases your ability to focus and pay attention exponentially.

-MRI studies have conclusive evidence that Meditation changes the brain in regions engaged in higher brain functioning. (We will discuss this in class.)

This class will not have any yoga instruction but is complimentary to the practice and a wonderful skill to utilize when yoga is not available.

Learning meditation may be a perfect fit for a family member or friend that does not do yoga. Please contact Alison for more questions. Alison Ledbetter 1-615-830-1231

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