Video for Moonbeam Yoga Teacher Training

Moonbeam Yoga Teacher Training is led by Robbie Michelle Short and Stephanie Jones, both experienced yogini’s and wounded healers. Stephanie began her yoga journey at 16 years old and Robbie began hers at 26. Stephanie is now 32 with 9 years of teaching experience and a wealth of life experience. Robbie is now 44 with 15 years of experience teaching and has owned Half Moon Yoga for over 8 years. They both have strong leadership skills, adventurous spirits, and compassionate hearts. Yoga is their passion and the way they live their life and they instruct from a place of synergy, mysticism, & love. Moonbeam brings in other gifted teachers such as Dani Williamson from Integrative Family Medicine and Missy Eisenhauer from Physical Therapy Specialists of TN, as well as and teachers that hold specialties in certain traditions of yoga.

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