New Year’s Day Workshop: Passion & Harmony for The Greater Good

Monday 01/01/18
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We will welcome the beginning of 2018 in a special workshop based on creating a harmonious union for the greater good. 2018 will be a Master Number 11 year according to numerology. This master number reveals that we should follow our intuitive guidance. If we follow our heart, we are on the right path and we can see where it all leads. 2017 was about becoming the leader in our own lives so now it is time to take action! This year may still hold chaos  but we will see a surge to grow, to overcome, to connect, and advance. Basically expect this year to be filled with passion. But remember, passion can hold both extremes. If you break down 11, its equivalent to 2 so this theme is based around the idea that this year falls into a number 2 category also, according to the ancient science of numerology. Every number symbolizes a different type of energy and this energy is what we are meant to work with as events and situations show up within our life experiences. The number 2 is a chance to bring peace between 2 different entities in an area of cooperation to avoid the suffering of separateness. We have witnessed a lot of discord amongst people and divisions within our society especially these last couple of years so this new beginning is asking us to create harmony. It is possible for us to reunite because we all know the truth behind the statement United we stand, divided we fall. This class is meant to spark hope and inspiration as we enter into 2018 knowing all things are possible!

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