What Our Customers are Saying

Beth Sulkowski

At Half Moon Yoga, I come to practice at the best classes I can experience. It’s satisfying spiritually and physically. Each Blissful Flow class has a unique and creative direction and purpose that can be transformational!
2015/11/13 7:56:28 AM

Great experience! I highly recommend this studio, Robbie is fantastic!
2015/05/01 3:33:45 PM

After a stressful day at work, I went to my 1st yoga class at Half Moon Yoga. Kate P. met me at the door with a welcoming smile, then began our practice with Strength and Flexibility Vinyasa. The peaceful, calm atmosphere removed my days’ worries, and brought grounding and a feeling of healing, at the […]
2015/05/01 3:31:02 PM

I went to my first class today and absolutely loved it. The environment was comfortable and calming and the staff was remarkable. I will definitely be returning  2015/05/01 3:30:14 PM

A quiet, quiet place. Dim light, but not dark. There is a great feeling of calmness about the whole area. And Kate’s gentle voice, suggesting what we do. And then a little feedback, just a little, and moving forward. An excellent time to digest all the feelings, new thoughts, ideas and sensations I had just […]
2015/03/23 3:25:00 PM

I highly recommend the beginner’s series with Holly. I have been practicing for about 7 – 8 months now. However, it was great to have her go over the fundamentals at a slow pace and in an environment where you could ask questions and not interrupt a class. I look forward to the second session […]
2015/03/23 3:21:46 PM

Half Moon is SO “BEYOND YOGA!” This morning in Robbie’s class she shared what she learned recently about developing morning rituals to make our days more ordered and productive, and our bodies more receptive to the day ahead. She explained a new app called “zen and now” that makes the sound of a singing bowl […]
2015/03/06 4:16:43 PM

Very welcoming studio. They have all the props you will need and a nice studio to practice. Tonya’s class was exactly what I was looking for. Tonya did a great job with the flow and explanations of each position during class. She is a very accomplished Yogi and I look forward to many more visits […]
2015/02/19 7:53:24 PM

Awesome workout! ….Vinyasa for Strength was both challenging and gentle, broke a sweat but never cramped. I can really feel the benefits the next day.
2015/02/19 7:48:40 PM

Prenatal Yoga with Whitney was just awesome. Her teachings were very natural. I entered the session in back ache. When she says “this gentle twist is for back ache ease”; back ache is just gone. She shared her experiences and helped me come out of stress. I’m going to do prenatal yoga rest of my […]
2015/02/19 7:47:20 PM

Robbie makes sure to add a little something to each of her monthly restorative workshops, and the January one was no exception with a meditation for a fresh start to the new year. Her 2-hour workshops allow for full benefits of a restorative practice, though it always feels like the time flies by.
2015/02/19 7:44:05 PM

Jo Ann Shaver
Your ‘voice’ is at the level I can ‘hear’ and I am so moved by your instruction, spiritual and otherwise… Sometimes I wish I could take notes to remember all the things you say. You are truly gifted and bring so much to class. Thank you for being such a special young woman, it’s a […]
2015/02/13 7:56:47 AM

Deborah Rubenstein
Half Moon Yoga is my home away from home. You can notice the sense of peace the moment you walk in the door. Robbie’s vast knowledge of yoga and her degree in religion truly leads you into your spiritual practice as well as your physical practice. And, the variety of classes and instructors offered at […]
2014/04/20 8:08:49 PM

Sherri Leathers
I love the vibe in this studio and appreciate the sense of community you create. Walking in and feeling joy in the room is as important to me as the classes. Thank you for creating such a nurturing atmosphere.
2014/04/19 8:07:15 PM

Meagan Boggs
I feel like I have been guided to Half Moon Yoga studio for a reason. I love its upbeat energy! I thoroughly enjoy the classes. Thanks for taking care of your students!
2014/04/18 8:06:16 PM

Gayle Prillaman
I love the classes and the unique blend of spiritual/physical, and value the themed classes that help to broaden my understanding of all the riches yoga provides. I find myself drawn to yin poses as well because I feel my flexibility and body awareness improving. It all comes together in a beautiful and intentional way […]
2014/04/17 7:59:31 PM