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Robbie Michelle Short


robbie-shortRobbie graduated from UNC-Charlotte, studying Sociology and Religious Studies, before spending the next 12 years traveling the world as a flight attendant. She started her yoga practice in 2000 at home in Asheville but after moving to Nashville in 2001, the tragedy of 9/11 brought her to her first live class  feeling scarred in every way. Yoga became her therapy, her saving grace, her love & her passion. Initially, Robbie’s respect for Yoga blossomed as she dove into the deeper aspects through self study, practicing near & far, research, and attending multiple workshops with various established teachers. Following these journeys & experiencing personal awakenings, she decided to obtain both her 200 RYT yoga certification as well as a meditation teaching certification from The Expanding Light in Nevada City, CA. from the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda. She has since served on the Yoga Society Nashville board, was an ambassador for Lululemon 2 years, taught at international retreats, as well as in and around Franklin/Nashville in studios, gyms, churches, festivals, parks, schools, and corporate offices. Robbie is now in her 8th year of owning the studio and recently completed her 500 hour RYT through the Asheville Yoga Center.

Her teaching style encourages a spiritual approach going “above and beyond” just the physical aspects of the practice. Robbie plans her classes so that there is always some inspiration with “spiritual food or contemplative thought”, whether it’s through yogic philosophy, storytelling, insightful quotes, or personalizing the affirmations. Robbie’s teaching style is strongly influenced by the impact of her own    respected teachers, Gyandev & Diksha McCord and continues to expand with more practice, life experience, implementing yogic teachings, and all the valuable lessons she learns from her guru son Gabriel.  Robbie’s approach to teaching touches the heart and soul! So much so that Half Moon Yoga Healing  is coined “Franklin’s Heart Yoga”. Robbie invites YOU to join us for an experiential practice using this B.K.S. Iyengar quote as motivation: “Your body is the bow, the asanas are the arrows, and the target is the soul”.

Rhonda Flowers

Rhonda FlowersRhonda was stay at home mom of 2 suffering with tight muscles resulting from years of kickboxing, step classes and running. In search of a way to relieve the tension and strain of typical muscle building and endurance exercise, she began taking yoga classes. It was not long before Rhonda realized yoga offered her the tension relief and flexibility she was looking for while satisfying her need for strength, endurance, and an overall since of well being. From that point forward yoga would be her passion.

In 2004, Rhonda was certified through Yoga Alliance offering her the opportunity to share her passion of yoga and help those like her discover the many benefits of a sound and disciplined yoga practice. As she has developed her practice she not only brings opportunity and discovery to those who are new to yoga, but also works with those who have been practicing helping to lift their practice to even higher levels.

Among some of Rhonda’s favorites to practice are Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar, Bikram and Vinyasa. She credits the many wonderful instructors she has had over the years, along with her desire to continue to grow in her practice by attending workshops and retreats. As a result of her varied practice Rhonda has created and continues to build on her own “freedom” flow, a unique blend of her favorite aspects from all that she has learned and has yet to learn. Rhonda’s instruction is built around the hope that you will find freedom in your practice to do what’s right for your body, spirit, and mind in that present moment. Her hope is that you will come to look at your practice as a way to learn to trust, respect, love and ultimately heal your body through your yoga practice. Having fun while being kind and compassionate to yourself.

Holly Garcia

Holly GarciaHolly was first introduced to yoga 12 years ago by a friend who suggested she try it to relieve her constant migraine headaches. She found healing through At One Yoga in Phoenix, AZ. Healing her body and growing to love yoga was easy, but being consistent was not. Never forgetting the practice and its foundations, Holly found her way back onto the mat shortly after moving to Nashville in 2008. She began to realize the benefits of making yoga a constant part of her lifestyle and decided to take it a step further by becoming an instructor. In 2009, while pregnant with her second son, Holly completed her 200-hour RYT Yoga Alliance certification.

Since then, Holly has been on a quest of continued education through her daily practice and by attending numerous workshops. Having been blessed to have many teachers with different styles, Holly’s class is a varied mix of Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha with a heavy emphasis on the breath and alignment. Although there will be similar elements, each class will be a unique blend of Holly’s influences which like life is ever changing. She has learned to allow the energy of the students and the moment to guide the flow of her class. Her goal is that students leave with an awareness that will help them become their own best teacher on and off the mat.

Rachel Mathenia


RachelRachel is a Tennessee native and has been a student of yoga for nearly 20 years and has been dedicated to the teachings of BKS Iyengar since 2001. She began teaching in 2005 and is a certified Iyengar instructor.
She was raised with an abundance of love and support, by her father, who was an ESL (English as a second language) teacher at the University of Tennessee at Martin. This allowed her the opportunity to grow up around many different cultures. It also taught her to have patience when speaking to someone who was new to the English language as well as how to say things in many different ways if necessary and to repeat the important concepts. This aspect of her childhood is quite evident in her teaching today, as well as her father’s humor and methodical nature.
It was by no coincidence that the lineage of the Iyengar tradition “found” her. She is eternally grateful to her teachers who have taught her to be curious in her study so that the layers of intelligence form in her practice. She does her best to encourage her students’ to develop a personal practice with the same “fresh perspective” that B.K.S. Iyengar encourages us all to have when we practice so that we develop our discriminative intelligence, ultimately bringing us into the present and growing closer to the divine. Rachel was fortunate enough to go and study with the Iyengars in July of 2013 and attended Geeta Iyengar’s 70th birthday intensive in 2015.

Whitney Korman

Whitney Korman

Long time practitioner, Whitney Korman, found yoga in 1999 at a small college in Austin, Texas.  Looking only to fill an elective and perhaps her curiosity, yoga quickly became ‘home base’ as it provided the emotional healing she was looking for at the time. Whitney continued to practice diligently at her favorite studios and developed a strong home practice as well. Yoga became her passion as she realized her deepest hope was that one day she would be able to share her passion and love of what, had ultimately, become her own therapy. After moving to Franklin, TN in 2010, Whitney found her way to meet and train with Kathi Perry of Franklin Yoga Center. After beginning her Teacher Training in September of 2012, Whitney knew she was in the right place at the right time. Whitney is now a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher certified with the Yoga Alliance. She is also currently in Teacher Training for her 500 hour certification at Sanctuary for Yoga in Green Hills under the instruction of Daphne and Tom Larkin. Whitney teaches a variety of yoga classes including Prenatal, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin Yoga. Her style of teaching is geared towards stress relief and emotional healing intertwined with a bit of humor. After all, laughter really can be the best medicine and being reminded of that can be enlightening in itself :). When not teaching, Whitney enjoys the outdoors, singing and playing guitar and having “movie night” with her amazing husband and precious son. Namaste.

Kate Puncochar

Kate PuncocharKate Puncochar is a RYT 200 hour certified yoga teacher, currently working on her 500 hour certification. Kate is trained in both power and gentle vinyassa flow. Kate is also a certified teens and kids yoga teacher through Next Generation Yoga. Kate is an Ambassador for Africa Yoga Project and traveled to Kenya last summer to teach yoga in the slums, orphanages, and prisons of Nairobi. Kate also is the creator of Music City Yoga Festival which is a local fundraiser for charities at home and abroad. Kate also teaches English at a local high school where she sponsors a free yoga club for all students. Kate has a passion for empowering her students to see what is possible both on and off their mat. She says, “yoga has changed my life in a powerful way, and I love sharing the transforming power of yoga with others.”

Tracy Homier


Tracy Homier spent the first 25 years of her career in corporate American but came to yoga to find healing for her own body and mind.  She received 300 hours of training from Yoga Well Institute focused on using yoga as therapy.  Her goal is to bring the beauty to be found in the practice of yoga to a broad range of students by creating classes that are accessible to all levels.  She has seen the power of yoga change her own life for the better and wants to share that opportunity  with others.  As the leader of her lineage would say, “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.” ― T.K.V. Desikachar

Laura Badcock

Laura B

In 2007, Laura found a great sense of relaxation and peace of mind after attending her first yoga class and it changed her life. She discovered great healing both physically and mentally from going to yoga classes and developing her home yoga practice. Soon she realized that she would like to learn as much as possible about yoga and eventually wanted to share this experience with others. In 2009, she received her 200-hour RYT Yoga Alliance teacher training in St. Petersburg Florida. Originally from Florida, Laura has lived in several states, but in 2014 she found her home in Franklin, Tennessee.  Laura’s passion is gentle and restorative yoga that incorporates connecting with the breath, mindful movement and meditation. In this fast paced world, Laura wants to share a calming practice to help settle the restless mind and nurture the weary body.

Chrisie Spain


Originally from Florida, Chrisie moved to Franklin in 1998 and has called TN home ever since. She attended University of TN, graduating with a degree in English Literature and Elementary Education and began practicing yoga in 2010, while pregnant with her third daughter. The time spent on the mat became a sanctuary, helping her find breath and in the present moment. Each time she practices, she comes back to her family more centered and grounded. In 2015, she completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training. In Dec 2016, she will complete a restorative yoga teacher training from Shannon Paige. Sharing the healing benefits of the yoga practice has become a passion and Chrisie believes that health starts from within through loving self care practices and proper nutrition. She is also currently working on a certification in Integrative Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching though the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.