Reiki Affirmation Workshop

Friday 9/11/15, 6:00pm
$20/ per person
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So thrilled to be bringing something new & unique to Half Moon! Reiki Affirmation dance is a beautiful blend of Chakra dancing, breath work, positive affirmations, and meditation, all while receiving a full hour of Reiki energy healing. This is a spiritually uplifting class that will leave you feeling centered, balanced and full of positive energy.

We already offer Reiki and have always offered affirmations in our Blissful Flow and Gentle classes but on this night, you receive both in unison! I cannot think of a better date to be channeling this too! Let’s turn this date into one of healing so we can come out of the remembrance of tragedy and c0-create something positive together! Energy has a strong ripple effect so on this evening..lets shine our love & light within and without!

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