Reiki Level 1 Training

Saturday-Sunday 3/21-22/15
To register, go to the Class Schedule page and Book Now.

Bari Horton will be leading her second Reiki 1 Training at Half Moon this third weekend of March. She has actually trained many within the Franklin/Nashville area, including our own Kris Thrash and Robbie Short. Reiki is something you can use on yourself, others, as well as animals. Some say you can use it beyond that such as cars and contracts. Medical Professionals in our culture are even taking it on as an extra treatment they can offer their patients. Reiki involves the laying on of hands so the Holy Spirit or Divine Energy can move through one to another. It involves prayer, mantras, and symbols and can be a completely different experience each time. Bari will offer this training late Saturday afternoon and conclude the training on Sunday afternoon. You will be given a certificate of completion once finished. It is legal to practice in the state of Tennessee and most all states for that matter.

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