Restorative Yoga with Aromatherapy

Sunday 5/06/18
WITH Robbie Michelle Short $40 early bird discount or $45 day of event
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Every May in honor of Mothers Day, we add in Aromatherapy with our monthly Restorative Yoga one week early. This way you can honor yourself as a mother or offer it to another. Being a mother does not require being a woman or the experience of birthing a child or raising an adoptive one. Mothering comes in many forms and crosses over gender. Sometimes we just need to nurture and mother ourselves with self care and self-love. If you are in the need for conscious relaxation mixed with the medicinal & spiritual benefits of essential oils, you should join us! If you feel the need to gift it to someone who could use a little TLC or even gift it to your own mother, register them now. One of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves or a loved one is the experience of inner peace and tranquility.

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