Restorative Yoga with Sound & Gong Bath

Saturday 12/02/17  5:30-7pm

with Robbie, Karen, & Massood


Restorative Yoga practice led by Robbie concluding with a total Sound Immersion with the grounding presence of large sized Gongs ranging from 32″-36″. The gongs will be played by Gong Master, Karen Stevens. It will also include other Indigenous sound instruments such as antique Himalayan Singing Bowls and kyeezee bells and an array of magical woodwinds such as Japanese Zen Shakuhatchi, Indian Bansuri(Krishna) and Peruvian Panpipes. The Indigenous instruments will be played by Massood Taj. This workshop will be our special Sound Meditation offering for the month of December and will be your perfect antidote for lessening any stress that comes before the holidays. Give this offering to yourself and have a firsthand experience of its medicinal effect on the mind & body!

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