Second Chakra Workshop w/ Whitney

Sunday 9/03/6/17
WITH Whitney Korman $30
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SWEET SURRENDER – Sacral Chakra Workshop “Pleasure and emotions are the root of desire. Through desire we create movement. Through movement we create change. Consciousness thrives on change. This is the essence and function of the second chakra.” – Anodea Judith In the second part of the Chakra Workshop Series, we continue our journey upward to the Sacral Chakra, or in Sanskrit Svadhisthana (meaning “sweetness”). The mystery of the Sacral Chakra lies in our emotional identity, our right to experience joy and pleasure, our healthy boundaries and connections with others and our ability to ‘go with the flow’ as life hands us change and challenge. Not coincidentally, this energy center is associated with the water element as a balanced Svadhisthana Chakra allows us to feel as if we can accept the hands we are dealt and allow emotion to be realized without letting it take us over. This Chakra asks us to no longer live on the surface and to instead ‘get in touch with your feelings’. We can choose to be in a space of “too little” feeling we are unworthy of experiencing pleasure, joy…you name it. On the other side of the coin, we can choose the “too much’ option where we numb out by overindulging in our ‘drug of choice’ and are left to deal with the consequences later. No pleasure = lifeless and suffering. Too much pleasure = pain and suffering. Either way draws us away from our center, the only space where we really get to indulge in life in its truest capacity, right within the heart of our souls. Emotions are the language of the soul. In this workshop, learn to let go of resistance to emotions, changes, challenges, LIFE. A fusion of Restorative and Gentle Yoga hip openers will leave you feeling full of life’s joy, majesty and wonderment. This world is our playground. Think of this workshop as a playdate with your favorite teddy bear as you nurture your mind, body and spirit while in Restorative poses at the beginning and end with a FEEL GOOD Gentle Flow sandwiched in between. Chakras, or energy centers, are where mind, body and spirit intersect. While there are many Chakras located throughout each one of us, in this series we will focus on the seven major Chakras that flow along the direction of the spine. Whether you are well versed in Chakras or a total Chakra newbie, the doors are open for you in this workshop. We will explore the 7 Chakra System as it is defined here in the West. Each month, we will explore the succeeding Chakra until we reach the final 7th Chakra (Sahaswara) where we can open to enlightenment and a spiritual connection to all that is. Namaste.



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