Soul Circle Journey for Full Pink Moon

Friday 4/27/18
WITH Stacy Novak  $40 (including product package)
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There is a power when like-minded souls come together to support each other in their journeys. When sacred space is shared, power, intentions and healing is magnified. It is time to gather ourselves to create, extend, and receive support & love! Our first gathering will be about aligning with the full moon. The Pink full moon will occur on 4/29. The Pink moon was named by the American Indian tribes for the little pink flowers called Wild Ground Phlox that BLOOM this time of year.

During this gathering, we will begin with a short guided meditation. During this process, we can open up our chakras and harvest the full moon energy. This will allow us to become aware of and release old beliefs/habits that are no longer serving us. When we release, we can move forward in our journeys and life path.

Next, we will journal any old feelings, emotions, or thoughts no longer serving us and simulate release by shredding the paper. Finally, we will close our gathering with affirmations of love, self-confidence and healing! We will also be able to share any intuitive information we receive through the gathering.

Stacy’s purpose is to guide intuitively and answer any questions that come up in the process. **For those attending and who have registered, please email your preference of the scents listed below to Stacy. She will provide clearing and healing product packages customized to your choice of scents. Please choose from : Lavendar, Rose, Green Tea, or Lemongrass

Stacy Novak


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