Sound Bath with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Friday 7/21/17
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Seth Ritter will grace our studio with his massive collection of Himalayan Singing Bowls both Friday 7/21 from 6-7pm and again on Sunday 8/20 from 3:30-4:30pm! This is one of our favorite special events at HMY and we are so grateful for Seth offering it to our community once a month. Nada yoga is the yoga of sound and vibration and science has shown the importance of these specific sounds. Energy is vibration and the vibrational frequencies you receive from this sound bath effect us at a cellular level. At this cellular level, we can relax and receive some therapeutic healing. You must try this for yourself because the experience is something you should bear witness to in order to appreciate and understand. This Nada yoga is also a great way to break up the mindless chatter we often get trapped in so one can experience a profound state of meditation. This meditation can be grounding or transcendental depending on your current state and intention. It’s always fun to see what shows up and exactly what will happen.

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