Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Friday-Sunday 8/11/17-8/13/17
Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 3-6:30pm, Sunday 3-6:30pm
With RIKKI DONAHUE & STEPHANIE JONES $45 each session or $125 for ALL
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Trauma is an experience that overwhelms our capacity to cope. It effects the mind, body, & spirit. It can rob us of the feeling that we are in charge of ourselves. As an in depth introduction to Trauma Sensitive Yoga and mind/body resources, participants will have an opportunity to understand the physical, mental, and emotional effects of trauma, to explore research based coping resources, and stress reduction techniques to reclaim empowerment through the ancient art of yoga, shamanic healing exercises, as well as through identifying our own personal hero’s journey. Prior yoga experience is not necessary and all are welcome. Anyone who has ever navigated the challenging journey of PTSD, childhood trauma, difficult times, are highly encouraged to attend. Even those who work with trauma survivors such as teachers, counselors, and social workers are encouraged to attend. This will be led by qualified and experienced teachers Stephanie Jones and Rikki Donahoe in three unique parts. Each part is based on trauma research and leaders in the field such as Bessel Van Der Kolk, David Emerson, and Judith Herman. $45 each session or $125 for the entire weekend. Yoga Alliance Continuing education certificate for 15 CEUs are available for yoga teachers who attend.

Part 1: The Brain and Body on Trauma
Friday 6-9pm $45
Learn about the neurophysiological effects of trauma on the brain and how trauma shapes the way we think, feel, and relate to self and others. The impact of trauma can create a disconnect between the mind and body so the importance of integrating mind and body will be emphasized through gentle yoga and shamanic exercises.

Part 2: Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Saturday 3-6:30pm $45
Trauma Sensitive Yoga has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD). You will experience a true trauma sensitive yoga class led by certified instructor, Rikki, to experience the difference between it and other styles. Through this session, students will gain access to inner-resources for coping with trauma. Teachers and mental health professionals will find tools and practices to support trauma survivors in their work.

Part 3: Empowered Journey Through Trauma
Sunday 3-6:30pm $45
When we feel empowered and connected, we access our ability to consciously transform emotional trauma into medicine for the soul. In this session, we will be introduced to our Hero’s journey, which will act as a guide for honoring and reclaiming our own resilience. Mythic story telling and rituals will also help us connect deeply with our own unique journey to healing. Through guided meditation, somatic healing movements and trauma sensitive yoga, we will nurture the mind-body connection and learn how to cope when stress occurs.

Stephanie Jones is a trauma survivor and a wounded healer. She has practiced yoga since 2001 and became a certified teacher in 2008. She earned her Masters in Counseling in 2011. She has attended several trauma based yoga trainings with lead teachers in this field and topic. Stephanie is also the co-director of our Moonbeam Yoga Teacher Training and feels honored to work and support trauma survivors in their own healing journey and regain their inner strength.
Rikki Donahoe has been a student of yoga since 2005 and soon thereafter earned her yoga teaching certification. Rikki identifies as a trauma survivor and has attended yoga workshops intended for trauma. She became a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher under the direction of leaders in this field. Rikki was a pioneer in the South Carolina State Prison System and has also taught in halfway houses, those infected by HIV/AIDS, soldiers with PTSD, and those with Traumatic Brain Injuries and firmly believes healing from trauma is possible

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