Wicked Yoga

Sunday 10/29/17
WITH Emily Wilterdink & Eric Broch $30
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Consider the Crow: Playful, curious, magical, confident, protective, and mysterious. Join Emily & Eric for a wicked, powerful flow to explore this intriguing creature and the interesting reputation and truths it holds before Halloween. Play with your strength and build your confidence through a progression of Bakasana(crow pose) variations. We will work on arm and core strength as well as hip flexibility while the crow teaches us to tap into our potential as we discover the power of lift off to fly.
Wicked Yoga is an annual workshop we offer around Halloween. This workshop always leads up to an wicked cool and advanced pose. In this workshop, you are also welcome to dress up in a costume to make the experience more fun (optional, of course). If you dress up, just make sure you can still comfortably do yoga. For instance, you could wear your catwoman ears and tail, your peacock feathers, frilly tutu, pirate eye and headband, or whatever inspired creation you feel like being.

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