Yoga Nidra/Meditation at Salt and Soles

Saturday, 2/24/18, 4-5pm with Robbie Michelle Short

*please sign up through Salt n Soles

1216 Wedgewood Ave  Nashville, TN   37212





Robbie has joined with a new salt cave called Salt and Soles in Nashville, TN to offer a Yoga Nidra experience while you lounge and breathe in the 84 trace elements that the Himalayan Salt can offer. This salt can help one to destress, boost immunity, and fight allergies to name a few. You will recline in anti-gravity chairs while Robbie offers a full scan of the body to help you relax. She will then take you through some guided imagery to take you on this inward journey that is sure to be the best mental vacation you could offer yourself in a local setting. Salt and Soles is also next to Kundalini Rising just around the corner  of Wedgewood and 12 Ave south in Nashville. Please contact them directly to register for this special event*

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