Yoga’s Therapeutic Perspective of Human Beings

Friday 1/19/18  6-8:30pm

with Chase Bossart  $45
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Yoga is a science of experience. How do the different experiences in your world impact how your body, mind, and emotions function?

As human beings, we have complicated, multidimensional systems that are interconnected at every level. Your body is influenced by your breath, your breath influenced by your emotions. your emotions are impacted by your thoughts as well as the reverse.

Knowing how all these different levels interact and what the symptoms are is the important foundation of utilizing yoga in healing. When you are able to dissect, to focus on the specific levels, you begin to see the underlying causes behind suffering.

Join us Friday, January 19th to unleash the self-empowerment within the process of Yoga Therapy.

Introduce yourself to the holistic view of the human system. Discover the foundation of this therapeutic approach of yoga, explaining how and why yoga works. Yoga offers different techniques as intentionally engineered experiences. As you discover how each technique impacts your whole being, you learn how to approach yoga as a source of healing.

This workshop will utilize specific sutras to illustrate the therapeutic process of yoga according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Let Chase Bossart guide you through the incredibly powerful & simple teachings in action. Learn through gentle yoga practices tailored towards you as the individual. Whether you are a beginner or even an experienced teacher, this workshop will deepen your wellness practice! Chase was a personal student of Mr. Desikachar and spent 4 years with him and his family in India. Chase is the director of the Yoga as Therapy. He trains yoga practitioners, teachers, therapies, and health practitioners in the full application of yoga and helps lead them into integrating it into daily lives. Visit


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