About Yoga

shutterstock_2420972Yoga is an ancient art and science whose benefits are innumerable! In fact, yoga & meditation are at the top of the list for stress relief and modern science continues to prove the positive results that stem from these contemplative practices. The physical postures help to increase inner and outer strength, flexibility, range of motion, and overall health. Mental focus and clarity are increased, as well as stamina, endurance, organ performance, personal empowerment, heightened awareness, and higher consciousness. Yoga uses breath work and relaxation techniques which can reduce high blood pressure, ease chronic tension and stress, and strengthen immunity.

The practice consists of centering with breath work, dynamic physical postures, guided visualizations, and various forms of meditation. In certain classes, affirmations are used to help uplift and reprogram the mind in a positive direction. Even though a little goes a long way, and most individuals feel results after just the first practice, we suggest taking a minimum of 2 classes a week in order to discover the many gifts of Yoga. Since yoga is low impact, it really is something you could do daily to reap more reward.

By becoming a disciplined practitioner, you will be amazed at what this ancient practice unveils about yourself, your path, and purpose in life! These contemplative practices are like anything else, in order for it work you must create the time and make it a priority to just do it. This practice is medicinal but not a magic pill or a quick fix. True Yoga can assist in personal transformation on so many levels which is why so many serious practitioners stay devoted to this path. It can carry you through the different seasons of your life with much grace and can be a spiritual practice regardless of your faith.