Alive and Well

Kara Stoltenberg, MA, Ed., works with individuals who have allowed themselves to be defined by others and the circumstances of their lives. Through online communities, live events, and individual work, Kara creates a safe, supportive environment for people to make tangible life changes. She partners with and empowers her clients to implement simple practices that have huge impact for overall balance in their mind, body, and spirit. Kara uses herbs, homeopathy and essential oils as well as placing an emphasis on releasing blocked emotions and beliefs to help her clients achieve their personal and health related goals. She is an author, teacher, spiritual guide and mentor. Her caring, gentle, and humble spirit immediately draws her clients into a safe space.  Her desire to see each client embrace and achieve physical and emotional healing is the guiding principle of her life’s work.

One of her clients says, “Her work has saved my life.  Kara has helped me deal step by step with complex health and emotional issues over the past four years.  I’ve not only regained my health, but developed a vast understanding of what was causing me to be sick, so I can avoid those things.  The most shocking thing to me was the knowledge of how powerful negative stored emotions are to my physical health and how they always play a significant role in illness and disease.”

If you’re ready to remember your true value and have support to make changes in your life, contact Kara at