Our Story

The owner, Robbie Michelle Short, is dedicated to Half Moon Yoga’s mission of “heart centered healing for the mind/body/soul.” Located in Franklin, Tennessee, Half Moon Yoga Healing is the place to practice in the Cool Springs area, offering traditional and authentic yoga focused on the total mind/body connection. In fact, Half Moon Yoga is one of the longest standing studios in the Nashville area and was the first in Williamson County.

Half Moon Yoga does not consider Yoga just for fitness, even though that is a great benefit, but as a total mind/body connection that can be healing and uplifting to our spirit. We have some of the most experienced teachers in town and we offer a welcoming environment in a serene setting. Our instructors are talented, creative, and specially trained and certified, and we try to hold true to our Yoga styles and lineages. We offer classes for all ages and “levels”. If you need assistance finding the right one for you, feel free to contact us for guidance!

We currently offer Blissful Flow (a blend of Ananda Yoga that is meditative & always themed and uses affirmations mixed with Vinyasa), Vinyasa Yoga (an upbeat flowing sequence of poses that is linked by breath), Yin Yoga (a passive practice of deep stretches offering long held postures that benefits joints and connective tissues), Ashtanga Yoga (more challenging rigorous practice meant to make you sweat for detoxification), Prenatal Yoga (journey of deeper connection to body and baby), Gentle Yoga (slow  yet dynamic practice-good for both beginners and beyond), Strength and Flexibility, and we have recently added Kundalini Sadhana in the early mornings and occasionally offer Iyengar Yoga workshops .

Buy Prepaid Class Passes so you can explore your options and find the teacher and practice you resonate with and that meets your personal needs! As a beginning student, we offer an ongoing promotion you can only purchase at the studio that is 5 classes for $50, 10 for $90, and a 1 month unlimited for $75. Regular pricing can be found online. Discover for yourself why yoga is so beneficial and how it can make you feel calm, yet energetic at the same time. Our beautiful sacred space is conveniently located in the Cool Springs area.


With a grateful heart, we share this story of our Half Moon Yoga, the difficulties we faced, and how we overcame them with the help of a good lender.

A few years ago, our yoga club faced a financial crisis. Despite our efforts to make ends meet, we found ourselves in a difficult position, struggling to pay our bills and maintain the studio. It seemed as though the future of our club was uncertain.

However, it was during this time that we were blessed to come across a good lender who offered us $5,000 at a low-interest rate. This loan not only helped us to pay our bills, but it also allowed us to make necessary repairs to the studio and invest in our future.

With the help of this loan, our yoga club was able to not only survive but also thrive. We were able to come together as a community and work towards a common goal, and through this difficult time, our commitment to yoga and wellness was strengthened.

We are eternally grateful to the good lender who helped us in our time of need, and we hope that this story will inspire others to give generously and help those in need. May peace and wellness continue to bless our yoga club and all those who have helped us along the way.