Teacher Training

NOW Accepting Applications For SPRING  2019 Training

Moonbeam Yoga is Half Moon Yoga Healing’s 200 hour teacher training program designed to open the heart to your soul’s brilliant light! Each and every one of us has an inner calling to share our light and gifts with others through acts of service. This program is primarily led by Robbie Michelle Short & Stephanie Jones, however, we also have other professionals that come in offering their specialty. At Moonbeam Yoga, we understand the passion and purpose involved in serving others through the art and science of yoga, and we are committed in helping to develop and foster future yoga teachers in their dreams of nurturing the body, mind, and spirit of the world. Students who want to deepen their practice and mindfully engage in personal growth without the intention of teaching are also welcome to attend the training. This program helps one to develop a deeper self awareness and an intimate connection to their true self. This introspective work is at the core of the yogic teachings and we will guide you through this journey with compassion so that this inner experience helps you to find your way home.
Led by Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers, Robbie Michelle Short and Stephanie Jones who are excited to offer a balanced training program grounded in the highest standards for promoting safe and competent teaching. This program addresses the five educational categories set by Yoga Alliance, which includes: 1. Techniques, Training, and Practice, 2. Teaching Methodology, 3. Anatomy and Physiology, 4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers, 5. Practicum. When you graduate, you will have the confidence, knowledge, and inspiration to share yoga with students of all levels.
Throughout your training, you will study and practice with teachers who excel in their area of expertise and who are committed to their yoga lineage. Each style of yoga offers its own ray of light, and our program is illuminated by the opportunity to study various styles that have shaped the vast world of yoga. While learning to safely instruct asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), mantras (tools for devotion and healing w/sacred sound), and meditation (the true pinnacle of yoga), we also remain rooted in the exploration and application of the philosophical and spiritual elements of yoga. We emphasize the importance of self-inquiry and self-awareness, which guide each of us on our journey as yoga teachers. As a well-rounded program, you will gain the confidence to find your authentic,unique voice in sharing your yoga and our goal is to help you guide others above & beyond just the modern physical postures.

Our program is distinct from other offerings in the Middle Tennessee area because we fully immerse ourselves into the teachings while experiencing the transformation of stepping out of our daily habits and retreating into the beauty of nature. The bookmark weeks of this training occur in a rented spacious home just west of Franklin. The accommodations are state of the art, cozy and luxurious, for an inspiring setting and experience for all the yogis/yoginis! Any weekend modules in between the immersive weeks allow one to return home for the nights while meeting for the training Friday & Saturday at the studio. This type of immersion allows for an ashram type of integration allowing for an inevitable impact of transformation. In this setting, the group establishes strong bonds and relations with one another which is an important key to being a successful yoga instructor. It also allows time together to practice karma yoga since we try to provide a full Raja (royal) Yoga training instead of just a Hatha (physical) one. Another aspect of Moonbeam training that sets us apart from the other trainings available in Middle Tennessee.

Please ask for an application with plenty of notice ahead of time since there are assignments and reading material that needs to be covered before our first week. We kindly ask that only serious practitioners who are serious about yoga with enough experience to apply & who are seeking a spiritual approach over just fitness. We encourage you to attend one of our informational gatherings to meet us and to hear and ask anything about the program up front. Every training program is different and put their own unique spin on the curriculum and practice according to a certain lineage so it is imperative you do your research to find the best fit for you. All students in our Moonbeam training must exhibit FULL participation in all areas of the training to graduate with certification. Our refund policy states that the deposit given with application in non refundable and after 3 days of training, NO refund will be granted if you choose to exit the program or during the remainder of the training if Stephanie & Robbie see that you are NOT adhering to the guidelines that we go over thoroughly. Thank you for your interest in Moonbeam Yoga Teacher Training and check back soon to see more future dates.

The next Moonbeam Yoga Teacher Training opportunity will start Spring 2019 and will run from March-May in Franklin, TN for 2019.  The training will include 2 full weeks and several weekends of direct contact training, including additional reading and independent study. Robbie and Stephanie have secured Moonbeam YTT to be Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. To learn more about the benefits of attending a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, please visit: https://www.yogaalliance.org/. New Training Dates for Spring 2019: 1st Immersion Week March 8-15, weekends April 12-14, April 26-28, 2nd Immersion week May 10-17, and final weekend May 24-26, 2019.


Training Tuition Retreat Fees: $3385 and we need tuition once accepted to help secure rental homes for the immersion weeks

Non refundable deposit: $300  (separate from tuition & helps secure the homes we use for the ashram experience…paid upon admission into the program)

Supplies/Material Fees: $100 (in addition to tuition/deposit to be paid immediately upon admittance)

Robbie and Stephanie look forward to being a part of this very special and exciting chapter with you! Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Robbie Michelle Short at admin@halfmoonyoga.net or Stephanie at stephanie.jones6@gmail.com.

“When you calm your mind and enter the lotus of the heart, you will see the Moonbeam Light of your Soul”…Robbie Michelle Short

Evaluations &Testimonials:

Sarah’s Evaluation:

Based on your personal experience, what area/aspect of the program do you consider to be the most successful, and why?
The breadth of information gave us a taste of the basics of yoga, yet opened up the incredibly broad understanding of all that yoga encompasses… gave me a hunger for more, yet I feel prepared enough to begin teaching. The hands-on practice was a necessity! The variation of asanas with content knowledge throughout the days worked well. Some of the training being intensively community-based with shared karmic duties – definitely keep this in your program! I love the guest speakers, especially Rikki and Trauma Yoga Healing. I loved the nutritional expert as well – learned so much from Dani Williamson! The periodic, frequent quizzes held us accountable.
Most of all, I loved the teaching mix of Stephanie and Robbie. You are quite different, but I really like both of your teaching styles, and enjoyed and gained more from your different ways of teaching. This was excellent modeling for us as we grow towards becoming teachers.
Lynne’s Evaluation:
Based on your personal experience, what area/aspect of the program do you consider to be the most successful, and why?
The Energy and interactions between Robbie and Stephanie were a huge part of the success for me. Respect for each other was ALWAYS apparent and, in my experience, it is unusual for one person’s ego to not take over. As a student, everything just flowed from one subject to the next or came back around in a most appropriate way. It was a joyful and fulfilling experience for me. Also, the first week of pairing us up for dinner was beneficial. And allowing for the last week to let that go just seemed right too. Another huge aspect I thought was successful were the two immersion weeks that began and ended the training.

Melanie’s Evaluation:
Based on your personal experience, what area/aspect of the program do you consider to be the most successful, and why?
This is hard to narrow down, as there were so many great aspects of the program. The time spent at the retreat was very impactful! It allowed me to connect with the rest of our group but most importantly it gave me the opportunity to fully take in the yogic experience. I loved the Big Blue House. I enjoyed all the yogic rituals that were introduced to me— from the karma’s, morning rituals, the daily mediations, the 4th of July ritual, the closing ceremony was AMAZING. I enjoyed all the different facilitators on the different topics. It is one thing to learn and read about the philosophy of yoga but it I got so much more than that… I got to fully experience it! I thought I was pretty connected with myself— however, this program allowed me to connect even deeper and because of it I walked away with more than becoming a yoga certified teacher. And, to think this is just the beginning of my journey!! Hands down I definitely made the right decision by going through this program!
Jenn’s Evaluation:
Based on your personal experience, what area/aspect of the program do you consider to be the most successful, and why? I felt that the immersion aspect was incredibly successful since the group bonded in such an intimate way. This also allowed trainees to truly focus on all aspects of yoga without the usual distractions of daily life. This is what led me to feel myself open up fully to all the possibilities of yogic philosophy and life.

Eric’s YA Testimonial Review:
I felt well prepared to teach students of a variety of physical abilities. The best thing about Moonbeam is that they encouraged me to get out and start teaching. They care that their students become successful teachers. They want us be become members and leaders in the local yoga community.

Daniel’s YA Testimonial Review:
I loved the training. I feel fortunate to have had to opportunity to be a part of the 1st Moonbeam Yoga Teacher Training class!

Emily’s YA Testimonial Review:
I am very lucky to have had the teachers I did, they both have a wealth of knowledge, wonderful hearts, and a love and passion for yoga. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me and my fellow teachers, blessed.

Kathy’s Testimonial:

So much fun came with this experience you both gave us! I have been smiling non-stop since graduating the program and so many revelations have come to me. I KNEW there was a reason I needed to participate in the Moonbeam training. I didn’t know the reasoning but decided to follow my heart. The reason has become crystal clear and so many signs and images have come together to show me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this priceless experience and in the beautiful light of the Moonbeam moonbeams:)